Writing Space?

This year I am writing a novel.

Google defines atmosphere as “the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or work of art.”

The pervading mood of a place is where my thoughts are this week. In particular I am thinking about my writing space. I do not have a separate space in my house dedicated for writing and thins isn’t a problem when I am home alone to write but let’s be realistic. I am a working mother of two school aged children and I have a dog and a husband running around the house as well. Oh, and for some reason I have a cell phone and a landline! What am I saying, you ask? Well, I am saying that uninterrupted writing time is next to non-existent.

I would love a little space that I could go into and hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the closed door. Just a little space that I could organize to reflect a lovely little writing zone. I am often inspired by pictures online that show a closet that has been transformed into a writing space. I found the first image at mycustomcloset.com and the second can be credited to withlovestephanie.com.

For, now though this is where I write:

I used to sit at the end of the table shown in the above image so that I was surrounded by the windows and facing into the interior of my house. However, I decided to switch ends of the table so my back is now to the activity of the house and the view is great for staring into while I search my brain for inspiration.

Do you have a dedicated writing space? Perhaps it isn’t even in your home. Perhaps you go to a local coffee shop, library, park or mall.

By Shari Marshall – 2021

9 thoughts on “Writing Space?

  1. I tend to move around teh house or, on nice days and the glare isn’t too bright, I’ll sit outside. A desk and chair is best, but I do tend to get bored. What finicky people we writers are.

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  2. My favorite writing place was public spaces – coffee shops, grocery store cafes. I’d put on my headphones and buckle down and get to work. The bustle in the background with the focus of my music helped me stay focused, and there were none of the distractions to being in the house. Covid made that impossible.

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  3. I love your kitchen view. My problem would be staring out the windows more than getting any writing done. The two closet spaces above your place are cool.

    My writing spaces are:
    My “office” in my bedroom
    The Breakfast Nook
    Starbucks (when sitting was allowed).

    I do have a spare bedroom that, as of now, is storage overflow. I have thought of making that my “office”/writing space (and trying to soundproof it as best I can as I head into Podcast land). The room just needs a lot of work (fresh paint, new carpeting/throw rugs, better lighting, and soundproofing). Let’s see where I can fit that all in.

    Good luck, Shari.

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    1. A breakfast nook sounds nice to write in. There is something about the word “nook.” Fixing up the spare room is a big job but the thought of a private writing space is exciting. Thanks for stopping in Stu.


  4. I love those small writing closets, I guess you don’t need much space, but a “dedicated” one. I’m not writing, but I do have a space in the attic for jewellery making, and it’s worth gold! It’s a combined studio and storage place, but it works.

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