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D – Draft

This year at Brewing Coffee, Twisting Words & Breaking Pencils my theme is “this year I am writing a novel.” So, in light of that I decided to try and keep to the theme a bit with my A to Z topic. I decided on using writing words that start with each letter of the alphabet to create short posts.

D – Draft

Google defines draft as a noun, “A preliminary version of a piece of writing.”

Preparations are underway. A small sharpened pile of 2HB pencils sit beside a small stack of full lined paper. No need for erasers, a scratch line through unneeded letters, words, sentences or punctuation will work nicely. With a mug of hot coffee in hand the eager author settles into the chair pulled up to the long old desk. The sun is lightly colouring the horizon as the first draft starts to take form.

By Shari Marshall – April 2021 A to Z Challenge

16 thoughts on “D – Draft

    1. I have been there after leaving something I scribbled down for a few days. I return to it and wonder what in the world I wrote as I turn the page around in a circle to try and read it! Haha.

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving your link Keith. I am heading your way now.


  1. I still very much love putting pencil to paper. Frequently, I jot notes, my thoughts, the beginning of a blog post. I love to write out lists. Before Christmas, I wrote the lyrics to a Christmas horror song, a parody of a traditional Christmas song, on a scrap of paper. And, just recently, I wrote a haiku to welcome spring on a note card. While I still use paper and pencil for a variety of writing purposes, I do find that I am gravitating more and more to the keyboard when creating a blog post or when participating in NaNoWriMo. I think if I ever get around to writing my book, it will be on my laptop.

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    1. I still have a paper planner that I love writing in. I think most people have gone to using planners on their phones, but not me. I do love putting pencil or pen to paper. I love the idea of a notecard poem to Spring. Did you share it on your blog?

      As for NaNoWriMo, I participated a few years ago and I went straight to the keyboard most time. It is such a time crunch that I had to if I was going to succeed. With the novel I am writing this year I find that I am doing a bit of both…

      Thanks for stopping in and participating in the conversation.

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  2. I am still a paper person. I love blogging on the computer, but still keep a journal and planner the old fashioned way. There is something very satisfying to me about writing by hand. Thanks for visiting my blog. Best of luck with the alphabet!

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  3. I did a lot of writing out of the house. Always carried a pad of legal paper or a bound book. Writing by hand went quicker: with the computer, I have access to all sorts of things that get in the way of my flow. Nothing to look up or check when writing by hand, away from the computer. The research, editing, and rewrites happen when I transfer the work.
    But, now having had surgery on both wrists for Carpal Tunnel, I am not sure when, or if, I’ll return to writing as much by hand.

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