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B – Ballpoint Pen

This year at Brewing Coffee, Twisting Words & Breaking Pencils my theme is “this year I am writing a novel.” So, in light of that I decided to try and keep to the theme a bit with my A to Z topic. I decided on using writing words that start with each letter of the alphabet to create short posts.

B – Ballpoint Pen

An implement for scrawling my words onto the page; a ballpoint pen also known as ball pen or biro.

The writing tip is a tiny free rotating ball whose job is to transfer ink onto paper. The tiny ball is metal and it inks itself as it contacts the ink reservoir. It writes in smooth strokes, no pressure required. I picked blue ink for this comfortable writing experience. A ballpoint pen, it is perfect for writing, editing and marking notes in the margin.

By Shari Marshall – April 2021 A to Z Challenge

9 thoughts on “B – Ballpoint Pen

  1. Until it “breaks” and the ink slushes out or the tip siezes up and won’t dispel the ink (which you clearly see is there) into words. Pens. Friend or Frustrator of Jotting When Needed Most?

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      1. Oh thank you for the link to Stu, I’ll definitely check out his blog and follow along! So FUN!! And I’ll check out Canva.com. I have to ask, is the A to Z challenge something you host or? I’ve seen others participate but don’t know a lot about it. Thanks in advance!! ❤️

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