The Nameless Files

This year I am writing a novel.

When you are drafting a piece of writing, long or short, do you use a working title? At what point do you come up with a working title? How do you come up with a working title?

For me, at least this time, I know that I would like there to be about 3 stories within the series. So, with that in my I decided that my working title is “The Nameless Files.” Perhaps not the most catching of titles but it is a start. The further I get into the actual writing of the book will lead me into a more promising title.

“Next, in importance to books are their titles.” – Frank Crane

A couple examples of great titles already out there for enjoyment:

  1. Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money and Two For the Dough all the way up to Twisted Twenty-Six
  2. Sky Lee’s Disappearing Moon Café
  3. Jonathan Gray’s Dead Men’s Secrets
  4. John Grisham’s A Time to Kill
  5. Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines

What great titles come to your mind?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

7 thoughts on “The Nameless Files

  1. I find that I’m ready to start writing when the title comes to me…it’s like it’s marinating in my head and once it pops into being I can dive in. Sometimes it changes slightly, but still close to the original. Weird, how it’s different for everyone?!

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