This year I am writing a novel. This is my working synopsis:

The main character is estranged from her crazy family. She went off on her own trying to figure out where she fits in and who she is. She struggles with fitting into her family and feels as if she can’t find herself as long as she is solving their problems and answering to their constant crazy ways. When her sister is kidnapped and her life is threatened the main character is the only one who can save her, but can she save herself as she throws herself back into all the things she was running from?

For those of you who have been reading along with me so far in 2021 you are probably aware that I was having some trouble writing and switched gears to character development and other things to try and get myself back on track. Anyway, as I was reviewing the synopsis I realized one of the reasons that I have been struggling. I was trying to deny one of the biggest parts of my writing and imagination: the mystical and magical. So, the synopsis is is being infused with a magical twist!

Here is a writing joke that was in one of my son’s joke books – Best Kids’ Jokes Ever! Volume 2

• How many mystery writers does it take to change a light bulb?
• Two. One to screw it in almost all the way, and one to give it a surprise twist at the end.

By Shari Marshall – 2021

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