The process of being mentally stimulated.

This year I am going to write a novel.

I shifted from character development to some scene work. My main character’s childhood home is going to play an important part in the story so it goes without saying that I need to do some planning and development around it.

This is going to be my inspiration. For those of you that don’t know, I actually lived in a part of this house for brief period of time. My bachelorette was on the second floor left hand side. The history of the house as it was told to me involved a doctor and his family. He ran his practice out of the house and the basement was the mortuary. Now jump ahead in time from there and the house was divided up into a number of rental units on all floors including the basement and attic. I wrote a short piece about one of my experiences while living there called “Night Demon” and you can read it: here.

So, the house itself is only my inspiration. I am working on my own floor plan and history to make it fit in with my novel.

Do you create floor plans or maybe maps when you are working on a piece of writing?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

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    1. I would love to do a map. I just think they add so much to the story and well I think that actual process of creating it to go with a story would be so much fun! Good luck with you map, I hope you will share your experience.

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