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Weekend Coffee Share: Mocha Chip Offerings

Image is from Coffee Queen on Facebook

I savor the smell of chocolate that is rising form my mug. It is a multi-layered smell that is both sweet and bitter. The flavour itself is reminiscent of dark chocolate and ground coffee beans after being doused in hot water. The temperature of this cup of coffee is perfect. It is not so hot that it burns but it is warm enough that each sip provides a trail of warmth all the way to my tummy. This warm cup of mocha chocolate chip flavoured coffee induces a loud relaxing sigh and a movement that finds my feet resting comfortably on the coffee table.

If we were having coffee I would start by sharing a few coffee flavours that I have tested out: Friendly’s Butter Crunch flavoured coffee, Sundae Coffee Dulce de Leche flavoured coffee, Brookly Bean Roastery Black & White Cookie chocolate vanilla flavoured coffee and JAVA Factory Roasters’ Vanilla Dream vanilla + butter toffee flavoured coffee. Such fun sounding flavours. Some were tasty and some smelled great but really just tasted like regular coffee. To be fair though I drink my coffee black. I imagine if I was to add creams and sugars and fancy things to it that it might enhance the flavours in the title.

If we were having coffee we were having coffee I would share a couple pictures of the face mask bag I made for the washing machine. We stuff our used masks in the mask bag at the end of the day so we can toss them in the laundry on Friday night. This way the wash machine can’t eat them like socks.

If we were having coffee I would share that my youngest son and I are sick. We did COVID testing at a drive through site on Wednesday and are waiting for or results. Sadly, my older son started showing symptoms on Wednesday. So, all of us have been doing a lot of relaxing activities. I finished both of these puzzles:

If we were having coffee I would share with you a sad puzzle experience. I ordered a puzzle that looked kind of like a candy land and I tried to put it together. The quality was so bad that I actually couldn’t complete the puzzle. The material of the puzzle was almost paper and wouldn’t click and hold together. In addition there was no variance in the pieces, so every piece fit together. So after a period of frustration I packed it up and I am now planning to use the pieces for crafts like making Christmas cards.

Before we got sick we tried a new recipe. We made banana toffee chip muffins. They were delicious!

If we were having coffee I would share the images of this hot air balloon. It went through our neighbourhood early in the week. It was so low at one point we thought it might be having trouble. The kids were pretty excited to see it. A hot air balloon ride is not something I have tried before but it is on my 50 before 50 bucket list.

If we were having coffee I would mention that the bee prompt I spoke about a few coffees ago went up on Wednesday this week. If you are curious you can check it out: here.

If we were having coffee I would ask you with a smile, “What’s new?”

By Shari Marshall – 2020

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Eclectic Alli. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup: 

8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Mocha Chip Offerings

  1. I’m liking your post, but not the fact that you are sick. I am so sorry to hear that. The coffee was delicious, and the air ballon photos are gorgeous. The sky is just amazing. I hope you and your boys feel much better soon.

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  2. I hope you and your family are better soon and that it is just a cold or something. I have to admit, I am not a flavored coffee person. I tried and tried, even going so far as doing 1/8 flavored coffee, 7/8 normal. Nope. Can’t drink it at all. Great sunset/balloon photos.

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  3. Aww, so sorry you and family are sick and I hope you recover quickly. I love puzzles but have kitties so there’s no puzzles because they just push all the pieces off the table! 🤣 And that’s a bummer about the other puzzle you ordered. That would be very frustrating indeed! Hope you all get better fast and thank you for the coffee!! ❤️

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  4. Hi Shari, today you triggered two memories.

    When I was in 3rd grade, I had a kinetic disagreement with a speeding car while I was on a friend’s bicycle. Suffice to say that I lost this engagement, I wrote about the accident in an essay about my mom that you might enjoy because, like you, she was a thinking woman and had almost no concern about staying within any lines that someone might have for her. It’s one of my 10 minute gems. But the key point is that as part of this event, she kept me sitting still enough to heal by buying me my first adult scale puzzle. It did keep my busy and was fun until I got to the last piece. I’d been very careful with all the pieces but discovered at the end, one piece was gone. I tried to think of anything I could do to remedy the problem but there was no joy to be found. Years later, I finally threw it away without ever redoing it because why? I knew a piece was missing. . .

    Then, when my daughter was 3, we were living in Colorado Springs and her bedroom had the best view in the house. From her second story room, we could see a wide swath of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak which was gorgeous from her window, but if you were at the peak, you quickly discovered how oxygen deficient it was and why few could spend much time there. I was up in her room one day when a noise that sounded like a jet engine arrived with no warning. I looked up and saw that a hot air balloon was descending into our front yard. but was dangerously close to the house. The pilot and his guest were panicking and hurriedly trying to blast more hot air into the balloon, but by the time they slowed their descent, they were literally just outside my daughter’s window. The slight breeze that was present drifted them away from our home before they generated enough hot air to regain altitude so they easily missed the house across the street. My daughter, our little adventure girl, was thrilled by it all and completely missed how dangerous the situation could have been. She’s 26 now and I just asked if she recalls it. She doesn’t. Since no one was hurt, it is now just a fun memory.

    Thanks for the fun memory and the great coffee share. Hope you all feel better quickly.

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    1. Gary, I will head over and check that piece out now and your coffee share as well. I have to say I would be very disappointed if I had a piece missing from my puzzle. There is something so great about popping that last piece into the image! Sorry, you didn’t get to complete your puzzle.

      I am not sure if they hot air balloon guys weren’t having technical difficulty themselves because they were extremely low at one point and trying to fire it up higher. As for memories, I always find it interesting how they are triggered and what we remember!

      Thanks for stopping in. See you next coffee share.


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