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Weekend Coffee Share: Mocha Chip Offerings

I savor the smell of chocolate that is rising form my mug. It is a multi-layered smell that is both sweet and bitter. The flavour itself is reminiscent of dark chocolate and ground coffee beans after being doused in hot water. The temperature of this cup of coffee is perfect. It is not so hot… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Mocha Chip Offerings


Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies

We’d heard the stories, but we had always just thought of them as myth, urban legend, folklore, or fairy-tale… This particular day we were just trying to catch a bumblebee. We should have thought better of it, especially when it landed on the sunflower, but we were so involved. Fae’s voice drove us like an… Continue reading Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies