Photo Prompt 26: Supermarket Revelation

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Photo taken by staff at Grand Bávaro Princess All Suites Resort, Spa & Casino

Supermarket Revelation

Most people would say important revelations don’t happen in grocery stores. I say that they can happen in the most unexpected of places and for me it did.

The lines of time marked their skin and caused aches in their bones but they didn’t notice or if they did, they didn’t care.

The day had been particularly long and terrible. I moodily did the mechanical task of a cashier. I looked up to greet my customers with a “Hello.” Two of the hugest smiles paired with sparkling aged eyes returned my greeting. Their smiling faces seemed to whisper a hidden secret, a key to their happiness. I smiled back and began to scan. The elderly woman slowly made her way to the end of the belt to begin bagging while the gentleman pretended to watch the prices I scanned in. The reality though was that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Startlingly he broke the silence. Not looking at me once, his eyes focused intently on the woman, he spoke to me and said, “That is my Pookie-baby.” I smiled and glanced at the woman who was beaming with pride.

Occasionally while I was finishing their order the man would call out to her little loving nicknames and she’d smile and call back. They finished packing their groceries together and walked out holding hands. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, it brightened my day to see two people so happy together. They had a positive air about them which touched everything around them. They glowed. I wanted to thank them for being such beautiful souls and putting a positive twist on something I had long ago given-up hope for: love.

By Shari Marshall – edited in 2020 but wrote early 2000s