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I would describe the flavour as soft with hints of almonds. It is a frothy blond roast this morning sweetened with the earthy caramel flavour of honey: almond honey flat white latte. The temperature is perfect for sipping and I can’t help but enjoy the way it tickles my taste buds and sends a flow of warmth through my body.

If we were having coffee I would share this dew drop picture with you. We were camping a couple weeks ago and when we were out for a morning stroll I captured this image. I love the way dew looks on leaves and foliage.

Photograph by Shari Marshall

If we were having coffee I would share by lady bug series with you as well.

Since we are on a picture sharing spree I will also share with you the kitchen table of my mother’s that I lovingly refinished into a coffee table. This refinishing was a bit of an emotional process. The table holds a lot of memories of my youth: homework, family dinners, games, talks… It felt good to breathe new life into it so that my family and I can add to the memories around this table.

If we were having coffee I would ask you how your coffee tastes and how your week has been?

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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7 thoughts on “Coffee & Pictures

  1. Hi Shari:
    I had stopped drinking coffee a while ago. It went through me, leaving unpleasant gurgling and more.

    Recently, I found Oat Milk, and that changed some stomach problems I had after having dairy. I like it much more than any of the nut milk out there, and my digestive system threw a dance party. So, tried coffee at home again.

    I ordered a mixed pack of flavors from Bones Coffee. I wanted to try them out, as they listed some very interesting flavors. I will not order their product again. Take that as you will.

    One thing I discovered: I really like French Vallia flavored coffee.

    Add Silk’s Vanilla flavored Oat Creamer and boom. There you go.

    I will recommend Stone Street coffee. Their French Vanilla is fantastic and blends superbly with the Vanilla flavored Oat Creamer. I ordered this from Am A zon, and I will order it again.

    No photos to share. Sorry.

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    1. I am not sure I have tried Oat milk. I was drinking rice milk for a while and I really liked that. I have had the silk brand vanilla flavour for coffee but I believe the one I had was almond milk based. It is very tasty. Thanks for stopping in for a virtual cup. Have a great weekend!


  2. Great pics! Now that I see your ladybugs, I am suddenly aware that I have not seen any this season. Hmm. The table is lovely.

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