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Weekend Coffee Share

Well week 5 of Coronavirus induced isolation has come to an end. When I went out for groceries I made sure to get some more coffee because I was getting low. I didn’t get anything fancy, just plain coffee but it smells delicious and tastes great. Can I offer you a virtual cup?

So what can I catch you up on? Well, I finished reading The Wish Song of Shannara and it was one of my favourites. I have started into The Scions of Shannara and I had to look up the definition of scions because I actually didn’t know. In the case of this novel scions would mean, “a descendant of a notable family” (Google April 2020). I am not very far into my read but I think it is going to be another good one. What are you reading?

I started another puzzle and it is beyond hard. Not sure what I was thinking with this one. It is an image but it is all done with dots and the majority is black white and grey. So, variation for trying to find pattern to fit pieces together is almost none existent from puzzle piece to puzzle piece. I will share a picture when I finish it.

Earlier this week I cut my finger pretty bad. I was very unimpressed with myself. The knife slipped when I was cutting up meat and cheese for the boy’s lunch and sliced sideways into my finger. It cut my finger and into my nail! It was bleeding badly and I thought I had taken a part of my finger right off, but thankfully I hadn’t. Once I was brave enough to look I noted that everything was attached and nothing missing but I wasn’t sure if it was going to stop bleeding. Anyway, long story short it I was able to get it to stop bleeding then my biggest problem was pain. Holy smokes it hurt. I was dizzy, shaking and taking deep breathes. My youngest son was hovering by me saying, “deep breaths mom, deep breaths.” My oldest son was on the phone calling his dad to say that I was hurt and might need stitches. It is yucky.

Homeschool is marching forward with a plant growing science experiment and a book report on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Here is a link to one of my A to Z posts, Into Tomorrow. It seemed to be a popular one so I thought I would share. In addition, I wanted to apologize because I have been popping in to read posts but I haven’t had a lot of time to leave comments. It is strange but I feel like I have less time now to do things then I had before isolation. Anyway, I just wanted to send that apology.

Spanish word of the week, which would have been more fighting last week, is Felices Pascuas or Happy Easter.

Thanks for the virtual cup of coffee. Hope you have a nice weekend.

By Shari Marshall – 2020