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Photo Prompt Week 11: Young Love

The rules are simple.

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Wow am I a Cowboy

Young Love

His little hand gripped mine tightly and an excited energy radiated off his tiny person. His chubby face looked up at me earnestly with a large smile. “Mommy,” his soft voice implored as a petit girl moved up beside him and took hold of his other hand. Her sweet face looked at him and a smile stole over her features as she turned her precious look towards me. I heard his voice speak with a touch of excitement squeaking through, but he wasn’t talking to me I realized quickly. “This is my mommy,” he said. I shifted my glaze slightly and his big blue eyes peered up at me full of happiness. With a smile I crouched down to say hello and instantly found myself with two tiny little body’s perches on my lap babbling happily.

I had heard from the daycare staff about a little girl calling my boy her boyfriend and now my son had introduced us before they ran off together hand and hand, laughing.

By Shari Marshall – 2020