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Photo Prompt 2020 Week 7: Innocence

The rules are simple.

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I remember thinking this must be love.

The warm summer air caressed our skin as we fled from the house together leaving our parents behind us. We ran fast without speaking but each knowing where the other was heading. The crash of our feet against the asphalt soon gave way to the light patter of our flight through the soft summer grass. They grassy enclosure wasn’t big, just a regular lot size surrounded by a chain link fence with a gateless gateway. We tore through the middle of the yard and up the slight knoll before dropping into a runner’s slide down the small incline on the other side. We slid till our feet bounced off the chain link and we mirrored each other as our bodies flopped back in the grass, eyes skyward, silent as we watched the cotton ball clouds glide across the powder blue sky. There was a body space between us but we felt dangerously close, sure that if someone should find us they would be scandalized by our proximity to each other as we enjoyed the still warmth of summer.

It wasn’t long before we could hear our individual parents calling for our return because their visit had ended. Slowly, so slowly, we made our way back never touching but energized by each other’s presence. Awkward smiles and nods to end our time together; love for sure.

Where do the days of summer go?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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