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Coffee Share: Taste or Smell?

Each coffee is distinct. This morning my mug carries a deep chestnut brown liquid. I chose my coffee this morning for the nutty smell which is paired with the classic bitter scent that makes a coffee drinker’s mouth water. I know that first sip will slide weightlessly over my tongue leaving the liveliness of creamy roasted hazelnuts in its wake. For a brief moment I wonder which I enjoy more the taste or the smell. The answer, of course, is the complement of both! How about you; would rather taste the coffee or bath in the smell?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I finished reading “The Sword of Shannara” as well as the two health related books that I mentioned a few coffee visits ago. I enjoyed how everything came full circle in the end if “The Sword of Shannara.” Now I am leisurely reading my way through “The Elfstones of Shannara.” Too soon to comment. What are you reading?

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you found month one of 2020 to have gone a by quickly? I did, but I found it to be a strange fast mixed with ridiculously long days mixed in. Now we have pasted that month and here we are already moving our way through month two.

If we were having coffee I would tell you this last week was a bit different in my Unit because the boss is away and my co-worker was on her days off so I was the only lonely soul working for 4 of the 5 days. Glad it is the weekend again though. There is house cleaning, relaxing and swim lessons on the horizon! Well, have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping in for a virtual coffee.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

6 thoughts on “Coffee Share: Taste or Smell?

  1. oooo – having the office all to yourself sounds wonderful to me.
    Of course, for you job, that may translate to doing the work of 4 people which might not be any fun at all.
    If I recall correctly, you and your family moved to a new home last month. If I’m correct – of course the month felt like it blew right by. You were likely rarely able to get a full night’s sleep for everything you had to do.
    I hope things are more quiet and you love your new digs.

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  2. I love the smell of coffee, but not so much the taste. I’ve wanted to read the Shannara series. I watched bits and pieces of the TV show and it was good. I’m also between books, but I just finished Loving Lily by Marie E. Blossom. It was a great little romance! I read it in two days, and could have finished it in one if I’d had more time. Very cute!

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