Photo Prompt 2020 Week 4: Free Advice

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ladies on a street prompt

Free Advice

“Holy shit Sally, they…”

“Ohhh, don’t swear Mary Sue!”

“I know I’m sorry, but holy shit I can’t believe it!”

Sally, didn’t dignify Mary Sue with a response. Instead she worked hard to relax the shocked features on her face and calm her scandalized thoughts. How could they possibly provide anyone with advice or guidance if they were both acting like high school girls with their knickers in a bunch? Of all the hair brained ideas they had, coming here to make a few pennies on a day when it was possibly that…

Mary Sue cut into Sally’s thoughts with a swift elbow to the ribs and a short growling command to turn and look. Again Mary Sue refused to acknowledge anything other than the crowds of people moving towards them and slowly flowing by like water parting around a rock. A rock was just how Mary Sue felt, or at least was trying to feel in the very moment.

“Sally you aren’t going to believe this! They…” Sally quickly cut of Mary Sue’s high pitch whisper. Sally would not be drawn in by the lure of gossip, no way. The edges of her imagination were slight tweaked though and she was dying to turn and look. “Sally, please you need to either see or hear this. I…”

“MARY SUE,” Sally hissed. “I have no desire to bond or isolate through the use of gossip and I do not have a powerful desire to know the particulars of anyone’s life unless they are standing in front of this damn free advice sign!”

Before Sally could go any further she heard a throat being cleared and noted the shadow that had fallen over their table. Sheepishly she looked at Mary Sue hoping that Mary Sue would indicate in some way that Sally’s worst fears weren’t coming true. But Mary Sue just shrugged her shoulders in an “I tried to warn you” gesture as she turned to face the couple at the table.

A silky female voice purred at Mary Sue and Sally, “I’m told that you can read my palm and give me advice based on what you see. Can you tell me if it is a good idea to get married?”

Without a word Sally smoothed the flower print of her dress and struggling not to lift her eyes to the face of the man standing in front of her. Instead she watch as her apprentice reached out for the delicate hand and turned it over inspecting the lines. The next five minutes lasted an eternity for Mary Sue as she sat as still as a stone. Suddenly, the shadow drifted away and air seemed to flow more freely into Mary Sue’s lungs.

“Next time maybe you will take some free advice and turn around or listen when I ask you to,” Sally said out of the corner of her mouth. Mary Sue only huffed in response.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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