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Smell the Coffee Cake

Fragrant spices, buttery notes of coffee and hints of nuts and vanilla. Yummy! This coffee cake is moist and topped with a crunch and a sticky caramel drizzle. I bake my coffee cake in a bunt pan for easy slicing. This little gluten-free gem is a family favourite. This morning it pairs nicely with my hot mug of java.

If we were having coffee I would begin by telling you that on Thursday night while reading a library book about knights my 6 year old asked me if I was alive in 1351! Heavy sigh. He has been a bit of a comedian this week. He told his father the night previous, “tú apestas esta noche.” Which means, you stink tonight. And the night before that he was sleep walking and I found him in the kitchen laughing and talking with someone I can’t see. What is happening?!

If we were having coffee I would share December’s upcoming theme:

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If we were having coffee I would also share some pictures of the miniature dollhouse that I started building a few years ago. You can see what it looked like last year HERE.




If we were having coffee I would wish you a nice weekend and a great week!

By Shari Marshall – 2019

7 thoughts on “Smell the Coffee Cake

  1. It sounds like you are living with a budding comedian. Be sure to collect his material😄. Thanks for the coffee chuckle.

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  2. Your dollhouse reminds me that my mother and I put together for a charity auction. We started with a kit and a tight deadline. It was a lot of fun, and even better knowing that it raised money and when to a good home. 🏠

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  3. My 25 year old daughter, several years ago, began keeping a running list on her brothers and some friends of funny to outrageous things they said, that, if context were retained might make sense, but out of context are hysterical. She names each list, Out of Context. Now, she still adds stuff, but mostly enjoys dragging out the lists when groups of friends and/or family are gathered for a good laugh. Often many recall the context, which is often funny on it’s own, or need to be told why said such a thing – and again, a good laugh is almost always insured.

    All this to say, yes, I wish I had started a log of some of the nuts things my kids have said.

    High five young sir! You may have to wait for a few years to understand why your question was so funny. but know for now that it was very well done indeed!

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