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The Penis Chronicles presents, “Pee!”

“Do I get to bring it home,” he asks. His eyes go big and I can see the wheels turning in his little brain.
“No we don’t being the pee home,” I answer as I try to keep the exasperation out of my voice.

My youngest has always been mischievous in a way that makes a person stop, scratch their head, and then re-assess the tiny mastermind. So, by the time I had to take him to the doctor’s office to pee in a cup I knew what had to accompany that visit: a

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conversation. So, with a serious face and eye contact we re-examined the places that are acceptable for going pee emphasizing that peeing in a cup at home or any place that isn’t the doctor’s office isn’t something that happens. (So far so good, I should add.)

Now with that aside I have to say that I have never seen anyone so happy to pee in a cup, or so fascinated that pee can be tested. For the rest of that day he told anybody that would listen the following, “I peed in a cup. The doctor tested my pee THEN he kept it!”

By Shari Marshall -2019

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