Egg of Dystopia

Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

Cindy found it in the forest by accident. She had been running from some other kids and she veered off the path to throw them off her trail. As her feet ploughed through the leaf covered forest floor her toe hit what she assumed was a rock and sent her sprawling. She laid there for a while trying to catch her breath and waiting for the kids chasing her to pass by.

As the silence settled around her she became aware of a strange humming sound. Curious she dug around in the leaves trying to locate the source. Her hands closed around the rock and she could feel a slight vibration coming from it. She pulled at it trying to pick it up but it was heavier then she thought. She swiped the leaves away to get a look at it and was surprised to see that it wasn’t a rock at all. Instead it was an oval shaped object that had a wavy and rough surface. The surface was a mixture of faint colours that sparkled.

Cindy spent the next few minutes trying to dislodge the strange object from the ground. Once she was able to pick it up the hum changed to more of a screech that was punctuated by a soft pecking sound. It appeared that Cindy had found an egg! Instantly her mind started running through what might be trying to hatch out of the egg: dragon, unicorn, mermaid…July 21 2019 image

Carefully she started to make her way back to the forest path keeping the egg with her. The closer she got the forest’s edge the stranger the noises from the egg became and the more intense the vibrations. Cindy felt sure that it was a sign the egg was going to hatch and she increased her speed to try and get home with the egg first. Whatever was in that egg was going to be hers! Before she reached the edge of the path the wind picked up and started to blow harshly towards her. She bent at the waist and forced her body forward but the wind became stronger and Cindy was unable to push against it.

Fear rose in her. The egg had stopped vibrating and had gone silent. The wind stopped. Cindy lifted her head and scanned the area around her. Just as she was about to take her first step a shadow emerged on the path in front of her blocking her way out of the forest. She froze as a strange creature came into view. It was deceivingly human like but otherworldly as well. Its movements were to fluid and to precise to be human. It had a soft glow of light emanating from its being. Its eyes locked onto her literally trapping her in place. No matter how hard she tried to move she couldn’t. It flowed toward her making a soft tsk, tsk sound as if it was chastising a child for a poor choice.

Cindy’s panic and fear were suddenly replaced by a sadness that was heavy and dark. Her vision changed and suddenly the world around her shifted. It was grey, ashy, and barren. A stark landscape that was empty and lonely. She could feel the loneliness deep

Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

in her bones with an ache for love and companionship. The scent that filled her nostrils was full of decay and unwashed flesh. She slammed her eyes shut trying to escape the images but her mind continued to play them. Small pockets of people living in silence and minimal movement. People screaming. People running. Trails on the ground leading to and from holes that ploughed deep into the earth. Clicking and humming sounds reverberating out of those tunnels preceding a creature so terrifying that Cindy’s brain had no descriptive words for it. It was clear that these creatures ruled earth and in the course of that ruling had destroyed the planet and almost eradicated the human species. Those people that were left were limited and barely human anymore.

Cindy’s mind went blank. Slowly she opened her eyes to see the non-human creature looking at her with its head tilted to the side. She still couldn’t move but she thought that she could feel the egg trembling in her hands. She swallowed and waited. The non-human creature began a dialogue with her inside the walls of her head. Its mouth never moved as is asked if she understood what that egg held and how its hatching would change the world forever. She could feel invisible fingers poking at her brain to illicit a true response. The non-human creature put its hands out to receive the egg. The choice had to be Cindy’s; would she pass it over or would she allow it to hatch. Slowly her arms reached forward and placed the egg into the non-human creature’s cold hands.

A single word formed in her brain, RUN! Her legs were moving before the rest of her had a chance to catch up with the command and action. Her feet banged the ground in a pattern that called out for her to flee faster. She could hear sounds behind her but she didn’t dare turn which was good because an enormous blast of power radiated out knocking her to the ground. If she had of turned she might have broken her next when the blast hit, as it was she was knocked unconscious.

She woke in the hospital a few days later with the ghost of strange dreams cling to the peripheral of her memory. Faint images of an almost human looking creature destroying a beautiful looking egg an egg that was so powerful when the non-human creature crushed it that an amazing amount of energy exploded outward. A strange black mist seemed to cling to the air in the immediate area and the non-human creature was screaming as it sucked the mist into itself before leaping high into the air and out of sight.

Cindy was questioned about what had happened but although she had strange memories when she tried to speak of them no words would come out or what did come out was so jumbled that nobody could make sense of them. Eventually Cindy was released from the hospital, but not before a strange flower was delivered to her with a note that said “Thank you for your help saving the world.” When Cindy showed the note to her mother and father they smiled and said “that it a lovely drawing of the forest Cindy did you make that?”

By Shari Marshall – 2019