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How you help me through

The Penis Chronicles presents “How you help me through.”

It can be interesting the places that you learn things.

It had been a particularly rough day and I was aware that my youngest son hadn’t had a great day either. When I walked in he was the first thing I saw. He was sitting at the table with his back to me, and he was busy with his Lego. I could see that his little back was tense. His normal greeting of a running knock over hug didn’t happen; he didn’t even May legoturn when I came in.

I hugged and kissed him. He didn’t stop clicking Lego bricks together. “How was your day?” I ask as I sit down beside him. No response (that bad? I think to myself). I stay sitting beside him while I detail my day and its various frustrations to my husband.

Eventually I get up and start moving around doing my after work chores. My youngest and I are alone in the room. Suddenly he bolts without warning straight at me and I barely have time to brace myself before he launches himself at me. I somehow manage to swing him up and hold him tight while I sway back and forth like he is a toddler. He clings to me with his little arms and legs. “Ah, sweetie. Did you have a bad day?’ I whisper to him. He nods and buries his face into my shoulder. “You know what bud, mommy had a bad day too. You heard me talking to daddy about it and it made me feel a bit better.”

His head comes up and he looks at me, considering. Nothing. My husband already shared what he knew about the youngest day based off what the daycare staff reported. Kids May hugs and Kissescan be mean. Anyway, I am enjoying the cuddle and it makes me realize something. Inspired I whisper “you know what makes mommy feel better after a bad day?” A very quiet, “what” comes from the area of my shoulder? “Hugs and kisses from you and your brother. That always makes me feel better.”

The response is like watching a storm break to reveal the sunshine and a rainbow. He smiles shyly at first but the grin cracks across his face and he actually glows! His arms tighten around me and in that moment nothing else matters for either one of us; our bad days are forgotten!

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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