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First Born – Hospital Parenting

The Penis Chronicles presents “First Born – Hospital Parenting”

We thought we had an idea of what to expect when our first child was born: sleep deprivation, frantic schedules, priority shifts, extra demands on personal time (wait what is personal time?), new emotions, new learning curves… We were excited to experience all of it and to do it together.

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What we hadn’t given any thought to was the possibility of having a premie! We hadn’t thought about the possibility of not having a typical pattern of have the baby, stay a day and come home as a family. We certainly hadn’t thought about being hospital parents.

Our first born came into the world at 28 weeks and 1 day. He weighed 2 pounds and 7 ounces, and he was a beautiful little thing. His mom and dad on the other hand were a basket of stress, worry and emotions that we didn’t even have names for.

All my first time mother duties were performed in a hospital: incubator diaper changes, first time feeding but through a feeding tube, first time holding my baby and multiple times after monitored and limited…

Regardless, of all the unexpected there was one emotion that my husband and I could put a name too and it was love. Each day we watched that tiny miracle fight with a strength that seemed almost super human, and each day we gave thanks for one more day full of love and wonder. After months of hospital parenting our first born was strong enough to breath on his own, eat on his own, and he was almost big enough and strong enough to come home.

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Almost 3 months after he was born our first child was able to come home.

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By Shari Marshall – 2019

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One thought on “First Born – Hospital Parenting

  1. There was a moment during her labor that we almost lost our first born, but he is a wonderful young man of 27 today, gifted in music and hard work.

    There were many moments in her young life that I thought my daughter was some weird combination of curse and blessing who just did not need to sleep like normal people, but I discovered that all she really wanted was to be held and if done smoothly – she was back to sleep quickly and today is a restless mind, 24 years old and doing the needful to become a doctor.

    There was a crazy moment when our third, a young man, now 22, decided not to wait those final two weeks to be born. We were still unpacking into our new home away from almost all friends and family. Chaos was brought under control only by a rash idea that came to me well after midnight and today remains one of my best memories of the arrival of a child.

    All much awaited, all more than welcomed, all demanding, all wonderful fine adults now and all very much loved.

    I have the latter two written down if you’d like to see them from a dad’s eyes.

    You think parenting is great now? Stick around and you will be amazed!
    But your son’s early arrival had to be one wild ride.

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