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    1. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your link.

      Check out StuHN’s A to Z challenge at the link he provided above. I followed him last year and really enjoyed his posts. This year isn’t letting me down either!


  1. Hello! Should it read CO2? I keep doing that when trying to write CO2, which I do quite a lot as one of my blogs is about sustainability! I love fresh coffee but have to admit I usually just drink instant… for the same reasons as your first poster, I can only drink a little nowadays. My son makes me one sometimes, he makes wonderful coffee, and I save my other occasions for Friday morning when I have coffee with friends, something I’ve been doing for 30 years! I’m linking to people who have blogs this year as I’ve found so many blogs missing on the Linky list. I’ll link to yours on Friday. ~Liz http://www.poetryroundabout.com

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