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Magic Words

Everyone has magic words that can brighten their day, and when those magic words come from that special person or persons the result is truly wonderful. For me, right now, I’m thinking of those days when I’m feeling cranky to the bone. It is the kind of cranky that has no logical explanation. This is usually whenMy imagination personified & trying to figure out who this character is that is trying to take over I tell the family that I’m feeling a bit grumpy. Most times I get a look of acknowledgement, a quick “okay” or the dreaded question “why?” However, there are those odd times when one or both children will embrace me and hug me tight, “I love you mommy!”


There it is the magic words provided of their own accord at the perfect moment. The cranky cracks and melts away leaving me thankful for those magic words.

Blessed be.

What are your magic words?

By Shari Marshall – 2019