Another Day

loving life

There is a place among us that I call home, in the broken splinters of a crystal dome where shattered dreams are mixed and matched and unborn loves are free to hatch. Memories walk here every day in feet of stone and bodies of clay. They hold tight to the fantasy land while fighting the reality close at hand.

Tears well-up in loving eyes as they battle the monster that never dies.

A two-winged horse flies by their face and suddenly they are dressed in shear white lace.  An ivory palace made by troubled hearts is stuck by the end of a silver dart. That person you love stands but a few feet away oblivious to the screams echoing for them to stay.

A curtain drops a shade of grey and so ends another day.

By Shari Marshall (Edited in 2018 but originally written in February of 1995)

January’s theme is contrast. You are invited to post a link in the comment section below with your interpretation of contrast, any medium welcome.