Letters from Santa – Year 2

Some of you might remember last year’s Letter from Santa. Well, this will be year two and I didn’t forget to share:

Santa ClausIMG_20141222_091747
Santa’s Workshop
25 Christmas Bell Lane

North Pole, Canada

December 24, 2018

The Marshall Boys

Dear boys,

I hope this finds you both happy and in good health. As you know it is that time of the year again and the Sorting Hat has been as busy as have I, but we won’t get into all that. Instead, I think some updates are in order. First, Mrs. Claus and I are merry and bright; it really has been a jolly year.

I imagine you are wondering about Tinsel. Well he’s no small polar bear now. He weighs close to 400 pounds and he isn’t even done growing. We anticipate that he will weigh somewhere between 800-1400 pounds when he is full grown. Now, I would like to be able to tell you that his fur is as white as the snow but he seems to be growing into his name. Goodness that probably makes no sense. What I mean to say is that he has a silver colour on the tips of his white fur that seems to sparkle or glisten like the tinsel on a Christmas tree. (Do people still use tinsel on their Christmas trees?) Anyway, he is a wonder to see and he stays close to Mrs. Claus. I tease her by saying he’s there for the cookies and milk but in all honesty he loves her a lot and she loves him. It is very nice to see.

I received your Christmas lists yet. It was close call though because the letter bag spilled and the elves were busy trying to re-sort alphabetically by first names. They were at the letter “R” on the morning of December 24th. Wow, did I have to read fast. However, this talk of things needed or wished for reminds me of a beautiful gift that Mrs. Claus bestowed on me: a new stained glass window for the workshop.

The coloured glass is crafted into the window in small colour patterns to form an image of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows beside a small plate of cookies with all my special friends here at the North Pole in the background. The details are breath taking! The glass is held together by a metal that shimmers in the light and it really adds to the beauty of the design.

Well boys, I must run. It was nice catching up with you. Merry Christmas.

See where each of you landed this year: P is for present and C is for coal.

Oldest Boy:  P  or  C
Youngest Boy:  P or C


Happy Holidays Everyone!