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The roof was shaded by vines with bunches of soft lime green grapes dangling from them. Small patches of vivid blue peeked through the overhead coverage. A warm soft breeze played gently at our clothing. The soft infused light under the grape vines was a sharp contrast to the brilliant sun that highlighted the numerous rows of grape vines that surrounded the winery.


If we were having wine coffee this August I would tell you that I visited my first winery and I was instantly in love with the environment and beauty it offered. I was so taken with it that I visited three others a few days later, and each offered a different experience. I even bought some wine with a laugh because I am not a wine drinker!

If we were having wine coffee I would share my writing news with you. Chicken Soup for the Soul has accepted one of my pieces of writing for publication in one of their upcoming collections. It will be out this fall. I am super excited about it.

If we were having wine coffee I am sure you would remind me that I had promised to share pictures of my shark week cupcakes the last time we had coffee. I went with something simple and called them “Blood in the water.”


If we were having wine coffee I would pass you the bottle and corkscrew coffee pot and spoon and ask what coffee news you would like to share?

By Shari Marshall – 2018


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