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Don’t Leave Me Out

It was another of those Cat in the Hat kind of days where we were stuck in the house with “Thing 1” and “Thing 2.” We needed something to do so I got everything ready to make a picture for my younger son’s bedroom.

A side note here: My younger son had a large white canvas hanging in his room until a week before this stuck-in-the-house day. It had also been a homemade picture. We had glued a rainbow of crayons across the top and melted them so it was a fun, colourful, and waxy picture. All was well until he decided to pick bits of melted crayon off the picture so he could colour the back of his white bedroom door! Needless to say hindsight is 20/20. The picture came down which brings me back to my original story.

March 10 image 1

I had removed the crayon and wax from the canvas and the plan was to paint our hands and feet (mom, dad, older boy and younger boy) and place them on the canvas for the new picture for my younger son’s room.

The canvas was on the floor and we were working away. However, our 2 boxers were feeling left out. Our female boxer at the time was pawing the edge of the canvas and making small grunting sounds. Our male boxer was standing a few steps from us barking for all he was worth! It wasn’t until we paused to paint one of each of their paws and placed it on the canvas that they became happy with the project themselves. The male boxer tried to stand his whole dog self on the canvas before we got a chance to paint his paw. Anyway, after they had their turns they were content to lay down and quietly watch the rest of the proceedings!

By Shari Marshall – 2018

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