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A month of coffees…

Well here we are for coffee again. Another month has passed since we found the time to sit and enjoy each other’s company and I am sure we both have much to share. For me the last month has seen another revision to a piece of writing about my grandmother. This third revision has come with so many big changes that it is not the same story it was originally. Here is a few of the sentences that got cut, but I blended it into some new words so I could share it with you:

Grandma’s chair is the only chair with a padded cushion and it is angled from the table so she can face the expanse of her kitchen. It sits empty now providing only the memory of her and as my eyes scan slowly around the room that was always so full of friends, family and laughter I see her ghost. She stands by the counter with her back to me as she stares out the window lost in her own thoughts. It is such a powerful vision that I am transported in time to my last visit with her. Beside her on the beige tiled counter top the lid was absently discarded from the glass jar leaving the air to leach the freshness from the coffee grinds while simultaneously wafting a dark roast scent. She turned slightly and in profile I could see as she smiled at it and emotions flickered across her face like a black and white movie reel. Slowly her silent period ended as colour and voice started to give shape to her memories and with it came powerful and shocking revelations that she had never spoken about before…

March 3 - Coffee Post imageWhat else can I tell you? I made the decision to chop my hair for donation (9 inches). I had been growing it with this goal in mind, but I had wanted to try and grow it until the summer. However, it was getting very heavy and knotting up to often so I decided it was time.  I joke that the loss of weight from my hair helped my run time this week.

Training seems to be going well.  I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes. However, I am struggling with some running afflictions. My knees seem to need a bit of extra support when I run these longer distances, so I have started taping them with KT tape. It seems to be helping. March 3 2018 image 2 - Coffee Post The other big thing has been my toes. I have one toenail that started to bruise up a while ago, but now it appears that as the bruise fades my toenail is falling off. Yuck! Regardless, I can’t seem to stop pounding my feet over mounting distances…

Other than those things life has progressed in much the same manner it usually does this time of year: slowly, coldly, and full of anticipation for the spring.

By Shari Marshall – 2018


18 thoughts on “A month of coffees…

    1. Yes, well I made a few changes to which saved the same toes on my other foot but it was too late for the other toe. As for the hair I am thinking this might have been my last time to donate because there seems to be a no grey hair rule or a less than 5% grey rule. My window on the grey front is slowly closing, haha.

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  1. Wow, LOVED the piece about your grandmother!! I could picture everything.. How awesome that you donate your hair – I do the same and I think I’m due! It’s getting way too long. Thanks for the coffee!

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  2. What happens to the hair???? Also why don’t you get those knee supports than taping yourself and doesn’t peeling off the tape hurt somewhat….

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    1. Well I donated my hair to the Cancer Society; they make wigs from it for people who need it because of the cancer treatments. I have heard that other places make mannequin wigs.

      As for the tape, it actually doesn’t hurt to come off. I think it must be a different kind of adhesive. I wasn’t sure if knee support would help at all so the tape seemed like a good place to start, and I am unsure of I could tolerate a brace that goes around my whole knee (front and back). The tape is very breathable. However, it is an option that I have in the back of my mind.


  3. I really, really liked the piece about your grandma! My grandma was a big source of inspiration to me. Grandmas are important, and it does hurt me that my own daughter never got to know her grandma (my mom died, and her dad’s mom never initiated any contact. She lives in another state and doesn’t seem to care that she has grandkids.)

    It’s a beautiful thing you did with your hair. I wish my hair had that kind of quality. Good for you! It sounds like you had a good month. Enjoy the rest of this weekend!

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    1. Grandparents are such a gift. My kids lost their grandmother a couple years ago and their other one lives pretty far away so I understand your pain.

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the kind words.

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  4. I’ve never heard about donating your hair before, although I’ve had friends shave hair off to raise money for Leukemia. I’m long overdue for a haircut so might look into it, although the grey might be an issue.
    My grandmothers were very important to me and my Mum has done a great job with our kids. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law died just after I met my husband but we walk about her and his Dad and they don’t feel that far away.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

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    1. I admire the people who do the head shave to raise money. I have thought about it a few times, but in all honest I am a chicken to shave it all off. Maybe one day though…

      You have a great week too!

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  5. I’ve thought about donating my hair – but can never quite bring myself to decide if I want to do it (or start figuring out where is best to donate too). Kudo’s to you for donating!

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    1. Well, I think I would recommend being sure about cutting it first. My hair dresser was telling that she has had some people breakdown in her chair when they cut it. I took about a month between deciding I was ready and actually cutting it just to ready myself for the drastic change and to find a new haircut that I would be happy with. It really is a big decision.


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