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A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter G for Girlfriend

I slide my feet out of my boots, the worn carpet feels familiar under my feet. I float down the hall on light feet eager to see my little boy’s big smile and sparkling blue eyes set above his chubby rosy cheeks. I enter the room at the far end of the hall and my feet note the change from carpet to linoleum. The noise is a soft rumble of tiny voices, laughter, and fast fun filled movements.

It doesn’t take my eyes long to locate my boy in the sea of toddlers, and I wait in one spot while he makes his way toward me. A cute little girl is shadowing his path across the room. He hurries over to my side and his tiny warm hands grasp mine with earnestness, and he gives a slight tug on my arm as he turns to the little girl who is now standing at his side. Her blue eyes are locked on me, and I note that they are not as deep a blue as my boys’ but they are no less startling in their sparkle and innocence. She has short straight blond hair that frames her plump pinkish cheeks as it bobs inward just below her jaw line. She stands a little shorter than my boy and her body still has the adorable toddler chunkiness. She smiles at me cheerfully enthusiastic.

I’m not expecting what comes next, not at 3 years old. However, I hear the words come out of my boy’s tiny little mouth. “This is my mom,” he says with a flourish of the hand that is laying comfortably in mine. My mind flashes with an immediate thought, I’ve been introduced!

She never breaks her smile as she says hello to me, and he never lets go of my hand and I am not sure if that is to provide support for me or himself. It’s entirely too sweet, these pint sized people acting so grown-up. I flash forward a few years and wonder if my boy will still have that sincerity with his introductions of high school girlfriends, or just friends in general, as well as that air of proudness that he is introducing me as his mother.

Before I can respond with more than a brief “hello sweetie” they have turned to embrace each other in the firm embracing hug. It is a long hug full of smiles and whispered words about missing each other and seeing each other tomorrow. The daycare staff approaches and tells the little girl she needs to let go so that my boy can get ready to go home. The daycare lady fixes me with a smile, “she calls him her boyfriend and asks ever morning when her boyfriend will get here.”

What I can I do but laugh, it is such a close friendship full of innocence and deep affection that forms so wonderfully between children: fast friends. Although I still can’t help but marvel that my 3 year old son just seamlessly introduced me to his first girlfriend!

By Shari Marshall – April 8, 2017

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19 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter G for Girlfriend

  1. Reminds me of when our #1 son (at that age) was brought back to me, at a wedding reception, by the main hotel receptionist whom he had politely asked for the key to our room so he could take the 6 year old girl, he was with, upstairs to show her where we were staying!!! Precocious or what?? Strangely he has always seemed to have had girlfriends who were slightly older than him but I’ve certainly not enquired whether he has taken them to hotel rooms!! Lovely to meet through the challenge 🙂 http://pempispalace.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/g-is-for-great-great-grandma-gertrude.html

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    1. Haha, their little minds are so funny. That is a precious story, thank you for sharing it. As for asking questions, I think sometimes it is better not to inquire, haha.


  2. I keep getting put off by the title of your theme, however, I always enjoy reading your posts. My son is 27 and I’m sure he would be to his horrified if he thought that they reminded me of him when he was younger and even though he’s got older somethings don’t change.
    Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge
    Sandra, Aspiring family historian, fellow participant in the #AtoZchallenge
    Sandra’s Ancestral Research Journal

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    1. Well I am glad that you stopped by, and I am glad you enjoyed the post. I am sure that if you told him that each year of memories that you have of him for the last 27 years is precious and that they only get better as he grows, it might take the edge off for him. However, boys are funny about that sometimes.


    1. I recently talked to the little girl’s mother, we moved a few years ago and the children haven’t seen each other. Her mother told that the little girl still talks about her “first boyfriend.” You are right about how quickly they pick on things, it always surprises.


  3. So heartwarmingly adorable. One can only hope he continues to introduce you to all his friend/girlfriends in such a wonderful manner. But then, that might be too much to ask during the teen years. 😉

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