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Recipe for a Mother’s Love

Recipe for a Mother’s Love
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What is mixed into a mother’s love? This balance of flavours comes from a short list of ingredients that doesn’t need to be overly complicated.


  • Pinch of self-acceptance
  • Pinch of continual wisdom
  • Tad of respect & warm approval
  • Tad of support
  • Dash of infinite patience
  • Hint of flexibility (the kind that can accept change)
  • Tad of trust
  • Drop of understanding
  • Smidgen of compromise
  • Drop of encouragement
  • Dash of good listening
  • Tad of role modeling
  • Hint of humour
  • Unlimited hugs & kisses
  • Sprinkle of sleeplessness


  1. Leave the fires of life burning.
  2. Use a well-mixed base of self-acceptance and wisdom. Years of simmering (gentle boil) recommended.
  3. Mix respect & warm approval with support in a soon to be mom and set this to the side.
  4. Take patience and mold it into a firm yet gentle shape, then roll it in flexibility and add it to mom.
  5. Add trust, understanding, compromise, and encouragement and mix until just combined.
  6. Whisk together good listening and role modeling then steadily pour into the mom, stirring occasional. Now add the mix of respect & warm approval & support that had been set aside.
  7. Take humour and shake it to the state of hilarity, but do not over shake because there is a danger of reaching absurdity.
  8. Add unlimited hugs & kisses. Top with a sprinkle of sleeplessness.

Tip: Mom is best served with a working side of structure, limits, and boundaries.

Note: Mom does not need to be covered, reheated, or refrigerated. She will keep well for a lifetime especially if supplied with smiles, laughs, appreciation, and wonderful memories.

By Shari Marshall – 2017