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If we were having our first holiday coffee…

It’s that time of year to start getting out holiday decorations, and that’s been a big part of this week. That said, my coffee mug today is a holiday one. Its base colour, the colour that rims the top and bottom, is snow white, not a fresh snow but one that is a couple days old and slightly dull and a little used. The pattern adorning the rest of the mug is actually a bit busy keeping the eye moving over it continually in an effort to take it all in.

The top of the pattern starts in a finger thick vertical line that is cookie dough coloured. This line is stamped with yellow and red candy canes as well as black and white reindeer. The next 3 ½ inches is a backdrop of blue starry sky with 9 different coloured Christmas scarves hanging from an invisible clothes line. There is one tree that is leafless, simple bare branches decorated only by a red bird. To off-set that sparse tree there are 3 full trees that are either spruce, fir, or pine with single red berries marking the end of its branches. Finally, there is a snowman dressed in green mittens, black buttons, plain red scarf, and a green hat. The snowman’s eyes are closed, and its head is raised upwards. He appears to be singing jolly Christmas songs. The pattern repeats on the other side of my mug.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I went through a snowman phase, and this ugly little mug is a leftover from that period of time. I have 2 of them actually, a perfect number for this occasion.

I have just now noticed while sitting here with you that my snowman mug, which I have positioned so that the handle is in my right hand, displays an image of a tiny replicated singing snowman on the inside wall of the mug. Given that I am holding a fresh cup of hot chocolate, this little snowman is partly submerged in the hot liquid, and at the present moment no longer looks to be singing jolly Christmas songs but to be howling in horrific pain (good grief)! That is almost how I felt when I looked at the pattern on these mugs this year. It really could be something simpler.

However, many rich hot chocolates and coffees have filled the insides of these mugs warming hands and hearts while winds raged frosty wars just beyond the windows. I’ve had these mugs so long that I have actually lost count of the Christmas seasons we’ve spent locked lip to rim. So, despite this year’s sudden dislike to the busy pattern it would do the mug disservice to say I don’t love them, or at least the memories attached to them. The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without using these mugs several times over!

Do you have any holiday item you feel the same about?

By Shari Marshall -2016

15 thoughts on “If we were having our first holiday coffee…

    1. I just had a flashback to a story my son has about a snowman who has a cold and all he wants is to be warm. He finds various ways throughout the story to get warm only to melt and have to be rebuilt by the children before embracing the fact that he is made from snow. I imagine he wouldn’t mind “melting into a steaming cup of delicious hot chocolate”. Thanks for stopping by, you have a great week too.


  1. I like the singing snowman mug! For me, it is the tree ornaments. Not the fancy bought ones, but the box of homemade ones. I have some from my childhood that my parents lovingly kept as well as ones that my children made over the years. Some are falling apart, but we love looking through the box every year before we hang them on the tree. It brings back so many memories.

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    1. Tree ornaments are wonderful. I have one homemade one left from my Grandmother. She use to make them out of beads: wreaths, bells, and icicles. Mine is a small red and white bell. Homemade ones are great especially for memories. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. My favourite, favourite Christmas decoration is a handmade angel we put on top of the tree since we were kids. Dad has always said it looked like Mum with its yellow woolen hair stuck on a foam ball head. The body was a cardboard cone covered in fabric. I think from memory my parents bought it at a school fete.
    I also have some sequin covered foam balls I made when I was 13. You attached the sequins with pins and it took hours but they looked great.
    This reminds me that I need to get around to making my Christmas cake this week. I don’t feel like cooking anything in this heat.
    xx Rowena

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I laughed when you mentioned the sequence balls because I have some Christmas balls that I made around a similar age expect mine used small pieces of material bent into a star pattern. They also took hours, ha-ha. Good luck with your cake!


  3. Your snowman mug is very cute! Sadly I don’t have any of the ornaments from my childhood, but I do love my embroidered Tudor rose which my mum bought for me when I first moved out and had my own Christmas tree 🙂

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  4. First Christmas tree and ornaments in your own space is so exciting. I remember when I bought my own Christmas tree for my own house it was such a wonderful feeling! Those first few decorations have great memories associated to them.

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