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With a sudden gulp of air, I realise that I had momentarily forgotten to draw breath. Once reminded my breath now flows in short, quick puffs. The heat is building, the intensity of it is evident on my slick skin. My feet rebounding off the floor jars me slightly, but my attention has gone so far inward that the violent shaking movement registers as a simple thought, 5 more minutes, just push. The voice coming from the screen grates at me, “In Insanity Max: 30 we don’t lift weights, we lift ourselves.” My breath comes out as a growled response, I’m so done lifting myself. I hazard a glance at the television screen in time to see Shaun T’s face locked in a determined expression marked with effort as he yells the final two words of the program, “Max Out!” This is the indication that the brutal 30 minutes has come to an end and I fall on my glass of iced water. Still panting I pour the cold crystal liquid into my waiting mouth, the chill of it shocks my mouth and throat as it slides down. My eyes close in bliss at the welcome feeling of my momentarily stillness and the frosty chill from my water.

If we were having coffee I would tell you in light of the early snow I can no longer run outside safely so I decided to try Insanity Max: 30, and I am still questioning my intelligence and sanity with this decision. I have actually finished month one and started month two this week, but the memory of how swore my muscles were that very first week lives on in my body and mind. For a few days I felt as if I had tried to stop a runaway train with pure rage and brute strength! It is a good workout, and given that it is only 30 minutes it fits well into most schedules.

If we were having coffee I would actually offer you a herbal tea today. I have two choices for you. I have cinnamon rooibos chai which is marked by its aromatic sent. A scent that is sweet and spicy, and not only does it tickle your nose but it delights the clusters of bulbous nerve endings on your tongue! The other option I have today is Forever Nuts. This pink tinged herbal tea also contains cinnamon but it has a sweet earthy smell and a taste of apples, almonds, cinnamon, and beetroot.

I would also share with you that I finished October’s BlogAhead challenge and exceeded my initial goal. I have a stock pile of posts that takes me into November of next year! That feels great, I can now continue to write without feeling any pressure. Well, almost. I decided last Sunday to sign up for NaNoWriMo, so I have gone from the frying pan into the fire. November will consist of a daily writing word count between 1500-2000 words. That sounds terrifying, but I think the end result will make it worth it.

Those have been the really big coffee topics form my world, what’s going on in yours?

By Shari Marshall

4 thoughts on “Insanity & Tea

  1. Both teas sound wonderful! Maybe I shall start with one and then have a cup of the other once I’ve finished the first. I have a tea drinking problem.

    I’ve wanted to try the Insanity workout! So glad to know that someone has done it; now I know what to expect. My weekend was super emotional. Maybe I’ll write about it next weekend because I was working and kind of forgot about having coffee this weekend. I feel bad though!

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