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To grow, to transform, to become.

What is writing for you? This year I am writing a novel. It is February 27, 2021 and I am words deep in writing a fiction novel. This week though I am going to share an excerpt from my unpublished memoirs. I wrote my memoirs in November of 2016 during NaNoWriMo. This little excerpt talks… Continue reading To grow, to transform, to become.

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The “T” in 2020 A to Z

Tick It wasn’t like that soft rhythmic sound a clock makes in a silent room, a sound that can relax and sooth. This was a regular short sharp sound that played over and over again in my head counting away accomplishments or lack of accomplishments. It was a tally that I hated but seemed to… Continue reading The “T” in 2020 A to Z

A to Z Blogging

The “L” in 2020 A to Z

Little Man He checked and double checked his outfit. His little hand flying fast over his shirt front, shifting his belt buckle and pulling on his cowboy boots. Satisfied he parades himself around the room waiting for go time completely happy with himself. Who knew this would be a ritual for years to come. By… Continue reading The “L” in 2020 A to Z

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Journey to Acceptance

  I have seen the darkness of the other side of the abyss and felt those cold clinging tentacles that wrap and twine until breath can no longer reach you. The more you fight the tighter they grip. The blackness becomes encompassing, blinding, and so absolute that you can’t see that the appendages that bind… Continue reading Journey to Acceptance



Janus-faced Everyone has two shadows. Everyone has two faces; the one we hold and the one it replaces. – By Shari Marshall Google search defines Janus-faced as “having two sharply contrasting aspects or characteristics” (Google search July 6, 2018) January’s theme is contrast. Post a link in the comment section below with your interpretation of… Continue reading Janus-faced