Photo Prompt Week 12: only

The rules are simple. Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… Only dark words and secret thoughts loud voices in a darkened hallway shadows pacing… Continue reading Photo Prompt Week 12: only

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Night Demon: Distinct from the fictional world!

My first bachelorette apartment was one of my favourite places to live. It was in an old grey brick house. The house itself had a gothic look to it with its wide set of stairs that angled inward toward the top, they were lined with a white picket railing that attached to two tall white… Continue reading Night Demon: Distinct from the fictional world!

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Nightly Infestation

“Obsessions are recurring ideas, thoughts, images, or impulses that seem senseless but nonetheless continue to intrude into your mind.” – Edmund J. Bourne, PhD What was that noise? The night feels heavy almost suffocating, can’t anyone else feel it? Her mind stops, her breath catches, and her body tenses. Every muscle of her body is… Continue reading Nightly Infestation