A term used for identification

This year I am writing a novel. Back at the beginning of May I spoke about having read Terry Brooks book Lessons from a Writing Life: Sometimes the Magic Works. So, here I will quote Walter Mosley’s words as shared by Terry Brooks, “…that writing is gathering smoke – the smoke of dreams, if ideas,… Continue reading A term used for identification

Coffee Blog

Weekend Coffee Share in March

Sniff Sniff Do you smell that? It is a sugary smell with vanilla notes and the distinct odour of melting chocolate. Yum, yum, yum! Would you rather the smell of cookies baking or coffee brewing? If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been very selective lately with the sugary thing… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share in March

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

I hear bickering. I hear: 7 year old: “Oh yeah, you’re a vagina king!” 4 year old: “Smell my butt!” Now, had these boys been about 10 years older I am sure I would have died from shock. However, my alarmed brain realized that they were selecting random word combinations for maximum impact. So, “vagina… Continue reading Your Guess is as Good as Mine


By Way of Explanation

The Penis Chronicles presents, “By Way of Explanation.“ The four year old yells, “mom call the man, call the man!” My husband looks askance. The four year old leaves off his “call the man” chant to press his face against the window and yell, “There’s Steve, there’s Steve.” The seven year old leaps from the… Continue reading By Way of Explanation


Names Matter

In an article titled How names influence our destinies, it is stated that, “Scientific studies have shown that the world makes different assumptions about a boy named Tyrone than it does about one named Philip, and while these assumptions are often wrong, they can have considerable influence on the course of a life.” – theweek.com… Continue reading Names Matter