Author Interview: Don Bourque

Willow Awakened, Ascended, Avenged Author Don BourqueIllustrator Brayden SotoPublished in 2021Publisher is Friesen PressAvailable in eBook, paperback (print length 222 pages), HardcoverDark Fantasy for Youth Adults | Folk Tales & Myths Sagas & Epics for Young Adults Love, loss, betrayal, sacrifice, war, politics and triumph in a fantasy setting. This novel offers excellent and surprising… Continue reading Author Interview: Don Bourque

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Hot and full of caffeine

A coffee called Toffee Crunch makes me think of a caramel colour, a sugary smell, and a chewy sweet taste that goes on and on. However, the coffee in front of me is none of those things. The smell is bitter and burnt and I am struggling to find anything defining about the taste. It’s… Continue reading Hot and full of caffeine