Anxiety Lessons: Feel well, think well

What are the biggest lessons that I have learned from anxiety? First, let’s talk briefly about anxiety disorders. What are they? In a very basic description they can be summed up as disorders that occurred due to a diminished ability to cope with stress; they are the result of cumulative long-term stress. It is a… Continue reading Anxiety Lessons: Feel well, think well

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I stood at the bottom struggling with the weighted emptiness, and yet I couldn’t tear myself away. The silence that surrounded me was oppressive. I was alone in the anxiety ridden basement of my mind holding hands with feelings of despondency, dejection, and dulled responses to anything within the outside world. By Shari Marshall –… Continue reading Persistent

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Nightly Infestation

“Obsessions are recurring ideas, thoughts, images, or impulses that seem senseless but nonetheless continue to intrude into your mind.” – Edmund J. Bourne, PhD What was that noise? The night feels heavy almost suffocating, can’t anyone else feel it? Her mind stops, her breath catches, and her body tenses. Every muscle of her body is… Continue reading Nightly Infestation

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“Can I come into the Out Now?”

Initially, I felt as if there was nobody I could tell about my mental health. A deep feeling of isolation began to build higher around me. I felt locked in the freezer like the alien Bov, Ow, from the DreamWorks movie Home. I was imprisoned inside a glass cell where I could only be a… Continue reading “Can I come into the Out Now?”