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My coffee is still unplugged

“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”

– Anne Morrow Leinberg

I apologize again for my absence. I can’t wait to have a virtual coffee with you next week.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

6 thoughts on “My coffee is still unplugged

  1. Hi Shari.
    I hope you’re having a great vacation.

    You know we’re back from our (non) vacation, of moving our daughter to Michigan and visiting our oldest son in Montana, When the dust settled after we got home, we finally had to face the fact that our home is now child-less. Our nest is empty and my bride and I are starting a new phase of life.

    We’re both a bit freaked out by it all and when we recover from road weariness, it’s going to be a strange new life for us.


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