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Did it originate in England? Is it connected to tafia rum? I don’t know, but…

Heated in the sun or warmed with your body, this sweet treat is chewy once softened and clings to the teeth. Typically, a small shaped soft brown candy made from sugar, butter, vanilla, and a pinch of salt boiled together. Note the difference in ingredients: toffee versus caramel and butter versus cream. Nuts are optional. Coat it in chocolate or eat it plain.

Four Canadian best toffees:

1. Mackintosh Toffee, creamy
2. Eat-more, robust dark toffee
3. Crunchie Bar, sponge toffee
4. Skor, butter toffee

By Shari Marshall – 2022 A to Z posts have been reserved for descriptive 100 word posts.

3 thoughts on “Toffee

  1. Those toffees that used to be at school fêtes with hundreds of thousands on top were great for pulling out fillings. I wouldn’t be game to eat one now.


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