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Heart shaped lips and a concave nose set under green almond eyes with experience crinkling the corners.

Show your face.

The front part of the head that stretches from the chin up to the forehead. The bone structure of the face holds secrets of sex and racial heritage. It is an item used for identification. Blue, green, brown, rounded, hooded, almond…the eye combinations are many. Noses vary too from straight to concave, convex, wavy, raised or lowered. Some faces have freckles and others have none. Maybe there is a face piercing, a scar, a mole or a whisker.

Individual faces.

By Shari Marshall – 2022 A to Z posts have been reserved for descriptive 100 word posts.

6 thoughts on “Face

    1. I have a friend, and she has one random whisker that insists on returning to her chin over and over again. She affectionately calls it her “hag hair.” Oh, those whiskers.

      Thanks for stopping in Antoinette.


    1. I am reading a Terry Brooks novel right now and he just described the characters face (particular those age lines) as a map of his experience. Loved the description. And yes it is very interesting how faces change with time.

      Thanks for stopping in Linda.

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