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Old fashion glazed
Strawberry frosted
Honey cruller
Jelly donut
Boston Kreme
Canadian Maple
Chocolate frosted
Apple fritter

The circular shape is classic with or without the hole in the middle. The golden dough is suggestive of soft freshness. Without a powder sugar dusting, the glaze on top is shinny and reflective. There is a sweet and buttery smell with hints of cinnamon. When bitten it is a cool temperature. The dough is airy and the icing is creamy and gooey. The flavour intensifies with each chew. Together it is a rich bite deserving of a cup of coffee.

By Shari Marshall – 2022 A to Z posts have been reserved for descriptive 100 word posts.

Have you ever heard of a glazed donut breakfast sandwich?

I hadn’t heard of this tasty treat until I got to know Fin. It was an interesting experience to watch the flavours of her character truly started to develop. Fin is the sidekick character in my upcoming novel The Ember Stone.

Due for release in June 2022.
Urban fantasy with humour, mystery, and a twist of romance.

10 thoughts on “Donut

  1. I used to eat donuts at morning coffee when I was a teacher. I don’t go near them now unfortunately as aren’t part of my “healthy” diet. I could be tempted after reading your post…

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  2. My favourite is a regular sugar and cinnamon donut. Very, very rarely I have a simple iced one but the thought of a breakfast donut makes my teeth hurt.

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