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Associated coffee cup memories

Where would I like to be drinking my coffee today?

One of my favourite coffee drinking locations was my grandmother’s cottage. It was those early morning coffees from my 20’s. The sun would be shining bright with the promise of a great day and the world around me would be quiet and still. I would pull my chair close to the water’s edge and watch the sun create blinding diamond patterns on the water’s surface. Whatever book I was reading would be settled in my lap while a sipped my hot coffee and enjoyed the sun’s warmth on my skin. There might be the occasional sound of birds chirping or the scurry of a chipmunk’s feet. As the morning wore on and my coffee cup started to empty there might even be the occasional morning fisher drive by in a motorized aluminum boat creating the soft lapping sound of waves breaking against the waterline in front me. Those peaceful coffee drinking mornings are a joyful memory that I associate to my coffee cup.

If we were having coffee, I would share with you that I opened an Author Instagram account. Some of you might know that social media platforms aren’t really my strong suit. I only opened a Facebook account for the first time in 2016… Anyway, I recently attended a webinar about social media platforms as author tools. In particular, this webinar focused on Instagram. I was curious about it so I opened an account. If any of you want to check it out, sharimarshallauthor. I made a video in my phone for the first time ever (yes, that is embarrassing) and I posted it to Instagram. Loved it.

If we were having coffee, that this week was pretty busy and definitely heavy on the computer front of things. So, besides the usual work and parent roles. I signed up for 2 online conferences. It was Fantasy Writers’ Week and it was also the week for The Women in Writing Summit. Loved both. Great speakers at both and great communities. I would recommend both conferences.

If we were having coffee, I would slide the full coffee pot and an empty cup your way. How was your week?

By Shari Marshall – 2022

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8 thoughts on “Associated coffee cup memories

  1. Great memories! Sounds like the ideal way to start a morning. I may look up your Instagram. I use my account mostly to get photos I take on my phone to my computer – I post them on Instagram, they show up on Facebook and I download them to my compute 😉 Yeah a round about way of doing things… But I do sometimes scroll through and see what people are up to – much easier than any other social media out there. Have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

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  2. Nice to see you again! And thanks for the reminder about Instagram. I have an account but hardly ever use it… I highly recommend checking out the author, Charlie Mackesy on Instagram. He’s wonderful! Also… The account called…on adventure with dad is hilarious! He photo shops his baby in ridiculous situations!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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    1. Thanks for the Instagram tip. It looks like Charlie Macksey posts a lot about horses, if I found the right Charlie. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in for a virtual coffee.

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      1. I saw him on CBS Sunday morning. He’s a sweet guy that lives out in the country in Ireland. No formal training. But started drawing cartoons and ended up creating a lovely children’s book. He’s just so, so sweet. You might want to Google that episode of CBS Sunday morning and watch it…💜

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