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Dear cup of coffee…

This morning I say:

Hello Chestnut Prailine Latte. You are the perfect blend of sweet nuttiness. You flow over my taste buds smooth and creamy. You fade out with hints of maple, or maybe brown sugar, and a pronounced roasted nut flavour. Thank you, coffee. The only thing that could be better in this moment would be a pecan and praline toffee chocolate.

If we were having coffee, I would share with you that I took on the job of editing a manuscript for a fellow writing. It was a great experience in the sense that reading for the purpose of a line edit is very different from reading for an overall context edit. It was a learning experience and one that will be helpful with the edits I’m doing on my own novel. I also realized that commas frustrate me.

If we were having coffee, I would share with you that I have a mother and son date day today. My younger son and I are going to the bookstore to make some purchases and then we are going for lunch. We haven’t eaten in a restaurant in a while and we are both looking forward to it. He has requested we go for sushi. Next weekend it will be mother and son date with my older son, same idea but different lunch venue.

Those are the big things that I have to share this week. How about you? Here’s the coffee pot, what interesting things went on in your world this week?

By Shari Marshall – 2022

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14 thoughts on “Dear cup of coffee…

  1. Coffee sounds good, as does the mother/son date. Book stores are always high on my list of places to go, and actually sitting in a restaurant? I’ve done it a couple of times in the last year, but just that – a couple. Sushi? How old is your son? Sounds like an odd thing to be on the top of a young boys list. Not bad, just different.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Yes, sitting in a restaurant has been a rarity. He’s 8! Loves sushi and what makes it a bit more strange is he use to be my picky eater with a diet of cheese and Kraft Dinner. My older boy (11) used to eat everything but now he is very difficult. Him and I have a date set for next weekend and he wants to try a new restaurant so we are planning on Moxie’s. Have a great weekend Trent.

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  2. When our three kids were younger, we did a weekly cycle where mom & dad alternated weeks and we alternated through the children so that every six weeks each kid had both parents to themselves for a restaurant night out.
    We loved those nights out.

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    1. That’s so nice and I imagine that your kids loved it! Next weekend I am going with the older boy to the bookstore and a restaurant. We haven’t done mother/son date in a while but I think we should do it more regularly. Thanks for stopping in Gary.

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  3. Hope you enjoy your mother/son date. Sushi is delicious, but indeed it’s a rather interesting meal choice for an 8-year-old. Thanks for the coffee. That description at the top of your post is truly lyrical.

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