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Made whole!

This year I have been writing a novel and guess what. The rough draft is 100% written!

I completed The Nameless Files one month ahead of schedule. It is 27 chapters long and just under 94 thousand words. My rough estimate back in January when I started this writing journey was 28 chapters and 90 – 120 thousand words. So, I am really happy with where I landed at the end of the rough draft.

I have a couple readers doing an initial feedback/edit read. They started before I finished so they shouldn’t be too long to finish now either. I am looking forward to hearing their thoughts. Besides speaking with my readers my plan is to let The Nameless Files sit for the month. Although I am debating on doing a fast read through now and then letting it sit. Anyway, in January I want to pick it up and read it start to finish and see what I think and where I think that I need to do a bit of work. After that I think I will put out some feelers for a couple of beta readers that will be willing to provide an advanced review.

It is a great feeling to have finished my first novel. I know there is still a lot to do on this journey but I am feeling happy and eager to keep writing.

Please let me know if you might be interested in being a beta reader. However, I feel like I should note that there is a side story that runs through the novel that I am loosely calling penis humour. I am not sure where male readers will fall on the scale humour with this, so I should put that out there for anybody considering doing a beta read. You can contact me in the comment section below or via email. Thank you everyone.

Shari Marshall – 2021

6 thoughts on “Made whole!

  1. Congratulations Shari on finishing your first novel one month ahead of schedule! It’s a good idea to let it sit for a month while you enjoy the holidays and return to it when you feel refreshed.

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  2. Congratulations on the completion of your novel. I bet it feels great even though you aren’t completely done as I know there’s all the read throughs and other important things that still need to be done before the release. Enjoy your holiday season! What a wonderful accomplishment! ❤️❤️❤️

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