Let the critical appraisals begin…

This year I have been writing a novel.

My husband has been giving my novel a read through. I still have a few chapters left to write but by the time he catches up I hope to be done. Reading isn’t one of my husband’s past times like it is mine. So, him reading it is a big deal especially when he finished the prologue and chapter one and stated, “Interesting, I would keep reading.” Yes, I know there is some bias at work here but I am so nervous about this big project that this is a good start for me. Here are a couple other comments that have come out of his mouth: “Good humour in that chapter” and “It feels like it is picking up.”

A friend of mine has also started reading my novel. She has been providing solid feedback and finding small things that she, as a reader, suggests clarifying a bit more to tighten up the story. She has been eager to keep reading the story to find out what happens next and I find that to be a lovely bit of feedback as well.

I am hoping to get a couple more sets of eyes on it and then I am going to shelf it for 3 weeks to a month before I read it start to finish. I would like to do a full read of it out loud as well. This is only the beginning of my editing journey but it is already very clear that this is a different kind of work and mind set then the writing part of the journey.

As always, I am appreciative for any tips and tricks you can share.

By Shari Marshall – 2021

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  1. Do you have a group of writers who can give you unbiased advice on craft and story? It is essential to find and be part of a community of writers.

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