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The words taste good this morning. Each one is digested slowly after rolling them playfully across my tongue. Some words I savour and others are washed down with hot sips of morning java. Today I read for myself, for research and for fun. If we were having coffee I would ask you what you are reading and share with you that I am reading the chapters of The Nameless files that I have completed so far, Writing Down the Bones for research and The 100 for fun.

If we were having coffee I would share with you that I got my Ancestry DNA results back. The results were fun and not overly surprising. Getting my results sparked my memory that I had been given a thick package of papers with family history in them years ago and I had stored it away without reading it at the time. Well, I have dug that out and started sifting through and it is so interesting. It is all from my mother’s side of the family but it all fits with the DNA results. I have a couple birth certificates (copies) that are from the 1800s! Anyway, I am now deciding what to do next. I am now craving more knowledge about my family tree and history. Any suggestions on where to take my next steps for research?

If we were having coffee I would share with you that when I stopped in to share a virtual cup of coffee with you last month, April 25th to be exact, I was sitting at 999 followers. I am excited to share that I have reached one of my 50 before 50 goals and achieved one thousand followers! BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT!

If we were having coffee I would share a picture of my first 3D puzzle with you. I was a bit overwhelmed when I opened the box and saw this I said to my husband as I picked out the instructions that came in the box that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. In the end it was a lot fun. And yes, it is Harry Potter. It is The Burrow also known as the Weasley Family Home.

If we were having coffee I would share with you that Parent’s Canada ran my article again. Online this time. If you are interested in having a look it is a short read: Lady Parts.

If we were having coffee I would invite you to join my new Facebook page. It is a freshly created page that I am hoping to use to advertise these posts, share inspiration and links to other writer’s posts. I am hopeful that some good dialogue can come out of it. Check it out: HERE.

If we were having coffee I would share a couple of pictures of the cake I made for my older son’s birthday. I was pleased with how it turned out. In a few days I get to make another cake for my other son’s birthday and I am hoping it turns out as well. I will try and share pictures the next time we have a virtual coffee.

See you June 27, 2021 for a virtual cup of coffee!

By Shari Marshall – 2021

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup: here.

16 thoughts on “C • O • F • F • E • E

  1. What fun! Thank you for the coffee and I’m following you on FB now, thanks for the link. Congrats! 1,000 followers that’s awesome sauce! 😀
    I’ve done a 3D puzzle years ago but much smaller. It was a European phone booth and so fun. That’s a cool Harry Potter house and yes a bit intimidating with that many pieces.
    Lastly, family history is so wonderful, intriguing, and fun to investigate. I’m not sure what’s next as I’ve not delved into this much myself. My extended family has a Facebook page dedicated to my mom’s side of the family so at least we can stay in contact with each other. Enjoy your research and your writings!! ❤️ ~Diana

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    1. Thank you for the support Diana!

      Next time you stop in would you mind living a link to your post so I can pay you a visit I don’t always get a chance to sift through my reader feed. Thanks Diana. Hope you have a great week.

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      1. Oh that’s so sweet of you to ask for the link of my last post. I’ll do that, I’m using my phone but will be on my computer later. (I don’t know how to use my phone for linking) Lol 😆

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  2. There just is something soothing about letting well formed words gently agitate in your mind; how they play off of each other to form images that are crisp and suggestive, haunting or troubling, important or therapeutic — all memorable with the possibility of being right there where you left them many years from now.
    Facebook? Not so much. I understand how it may be needed to build an audience but I’ve chosen to back out of it. It was taking too much time for little to no value. I had a stronger list of followers than on my blog, but the quality of connection with each was so much less than each of my blog followers and the interactions that came from sharing my writing there was pretty lame in comparison. Add the whole spying nature of Facebook and other on line tools and I felt it was time to withdraw from being a part of it.
    And I followed your link to the 50 before 50 list. That looks like a lot of fun and I hope you accomplish most of that list. I bet you do.

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    1. I get the Facebook thing. I only opened an account for the first time in 2015 and mostly because my family lives in another province and all had it and, well, I missed them. I keep that personal account, just that personal, but the page might be fun. We shall see. I do enjoy the interactive relationship with fellow bloggers right here so…

      It is a fun little list. I will update it in few more years.

      Thanks for stopping in Gary.


  3. If we were having coffee, I would tell you how happy I am that my basement renovations are complete. I’m in the process of putting my house back in order, which is somewhat slow but getting there. I would share that I’ve been balancing this stressful time of remote learning (for both myself and my kids), working, and parenting from home by spending more time outside. I am looking forward to some outdoor physically distanced visits with my family when Ontario’s current stay at home order ends. This week I read about big data in education for my Master’s and found it very interesting. It raised more questions than answers, but certainly remote learning has opened up more options for recording data around course delivery and student success. Until next time!

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    1. Ah, the joys of renovations, Happy to hear that you made your way through those. Thanks for stopping in and thank you for sharing! Hope you have a great week.


      1. It took my daughter a long time to get into it, but I’m glad she finally did! (She’s still watching the movies and is insistent that she won’t ever read the books, but she used to say that about the movies, too, so… I have hope!) Every time she asks me a question, I go, “See if you read the book, you’ll find out.”

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