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W – Wordsmith

This year at Brewing Coffee, Twisting Words & Breaking Pencils my theme is “this year I am writing a novel.” So, in light of that I decided to try and keep to the theme a bit with my A to Z topic. I decided on using writing words that start with each letter of the alphabet to create short posts.

W – Wordsmith

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines wordsmith as “a person who works with words, especially a skillful writer.”

Let’s take a second to celebrate all us Wordsmiths participating in the 2021 A to Z Blog Challenge!

By Shari Marshall – April 2021 A to Z Challenge

9 thoughts on “W – Wordsmith

    1. The ability to control words…I see a little story built into that about a person with a magic skill to wave a hand and silence a person, take works from one person and make them be spoken from another and all sorts of fun chaos!

      Thanks for stopping in Keith.

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