More than I can chew

On November 1, 2020 I spontaneously decided to join NaNoPoBlano for the first time. So, here we are on day #3 with my day 3 post titled, “More than I can chew.” I was aiming for a bit of humour today while still trying to stay true to my 2020 photo prompt challenge.


More than I can chew

Her lips stretch taunt trying to take in as big a bite as possible. She has a complete disregard for the fact that her mouth is still full from previous bites. Her brain is whispering encouragement. Chew, chew and chew – don’t stop. There isn’t time to chew slowly, chew faster. Oh, forget it; don’t chew, just bite and swallow! But don’t choke, there isn’t time for choking. As her brain supplies the instructing her mouth works hard to make space. Small crumbs and particles escape and tumble down around her. She can’t chew politely. Her mouth opens widely to gain enough leverage for her teeth to grind down and work the items she is eating.  Saliva flows and the excess builds in the corners of her mouth creating a rabid dog appearance. Don’t choke. You are going to choke. She acknowledges her brain’s warning with a sudden cough that forcefully sprays large quantities of debris over everything in front of her.

This is me wondering about my current writing, blogging, working, parenting and additional commitments right now.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

6 thoughts on “More than I can chew

  1. Haha! Yes!! This is me, all the time. A mouth full, reaching for one more bite. Life has slowed me down lately, by force, and I’m grateful even though there’s much to heal from now. Wishing you rest before it gets to that. 🙂 ❤

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  2. You know the old adage…How do you eat an elephant?…One bite at a time!
    Just take it a bite at a time….and spewing/spitting/drooling is all a part of the human condition.
    Cheering you on my pepper friend 🌹

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