Photo Prompt 36: The Run

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The Run

It was the rhythmic feel of my feet alternately hitting the ground that pulled me back, each footfall initially forced my thoughts to focus on the muffled crunch of gravel against pavement. The feel of tiny stones grinding under the weight of my pounding shoes was intensified by my focus. However, all too quickly I found my pace and dropped into that much needed strong regular repetition of movement.

As I ran the world around me dropped away. I knew deep in my conscious that I was flanked on either side by vast fields of yellow canola deep into its flowering cycle. The air was a mix of dust laced with a strange vegetative smell like alfalfa and an underlay of sulfur. A dry heat hovered over everything marked by the suns burning weight and not even the light breeze could disturb it. The air was surprisingly dense despite the absence of water vapour and my body trying to cut a path through it forced moisture through the pores of my skin and created a damp beaded look on the outer layer of my body.

I existed now only in my mind, my body just was and it just automatically continued the forward motion. I could hear the music pulsing in my ears and my legs locked on to the instrumental sound as a marker for my speed. Occasionally, the words broke through my movements, and I forced a single distinct element out through my breathless lips, “I think I’ll find another way, there’s so much more to know. I guess I’ll die another day, it’s not my time to go. For every sin, I’ll have to pay. I’ve come to work, I’ve come to play…” I ran on.

The more I lost myself to the movement the easier time slipped away. As I ran I let the emotion come and I pounded it out down through my body into my pumping legs and out through my footfalls. I lost hours this way and returned home with a feeling of immediate gratification, my body felt tired but it hummed with a new energy.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

Madonna’s “Die Another Day”