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A bite of French toast

Instantly I can smell soft maple notes as well as cinnamon and I am not sure if I imagine a buttery underlay or if it is really there. The air around this cup of coffee actual tastes like a bite of French toast. When that dark liquid flows over my taste buds I am pleased to find that it is not bitter. Instead it is a light roasted flavour with a buttery finish. I would describe it as having the caramel-y flavour of toast blended with that sweet woody flavour of cinnamon. This morning’s coffee is JAVA Factory Roasters “French Toast cinnamon and maple syrup flavoured coffee.” If we were having coffee I would roll my eyes and exclaim how silly I am because I should have thought of adding a spoonful of maple syrup to my cup this morning and I didn’t. Silly me.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my “me day” on the first day of school was nice. It was a bit strange to not have the boys around but when they got finished school they were so excited and full of stories about their days. It was great.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that we have had some nice weather this week. The morning is chilly, long sleeve shirt chilly, but the afternoon is warm. It has been nice given that it is September already. We have taken advantage of it with after dinner walks and family soccer games.

If we were having coffee I would share a picture of my gluten-free coffee cake. It turned out great and lasted for a heartbeat! And if we were talking food and French toast flavoured coffee I would have to confess that I might make raison bread French toast this weekend just because.

If we were having coffee I would sit back and listen to the details of your week.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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9 thoughts on “A bite of French toast

  1. Hi Shari, if you’ve not done so already, I’ve tried about a tablespoon of maple syrup in my coffee before and predict that you would love it. This weekend, I have a bunch of stuff I’m thankful for and just decided to write about some of them in my own coffee share. You likely noted that our son is engaged and the ceremony is coming very fast. That remains our biggest news and is daily making these proud parents even prouder.

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  2. Thank you for the coffee! I am so glad that you enjoyed the little time while the kids were at school. If only just to take a breath.
    I am so glad we were able to visit today.

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  3. Lovely coffee cake! Looks delicious! I look forward to September and the cooler weather, myself. Sunny afternoons still comfortable, but the”hot” mostly gone away until next year. Best wishes for your week! Have fun!

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  4. Both the maple syrup coffee and the cake would be so delicious right now! Thanks for the invitation 🙂 I’m happy to hear you had a great “me day”, I imagine the boys had tons of fun stories from the first days back with all their friends. How long has it been for them since they last saw their friends in real life? Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a fabulous new week!

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  5. Hey Shari:
    Now I want an ICED French Toast cinammony carmally sharp cheddary chocolate croissant Coffee. Yum. 🙂

    What is this “Week” thing you speak of? I’ve heard people write “Day” and “Time.” No such things.
    I know Bright and dark.

    Glad you had a good experience(s)

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