Photo Prompt 22: Unworldly Brrrrng

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Unworldly Brrrrng

She brought the old desk and phone home from her mother’s house after her mother passed. It just felt nice to have something to remind her of her mother and of home. The phone didn’t work and even if it did who used a landline anymore. The two pieces just looked nice together and as if they belonged that way. That first night she sat alone in the silence of her own home wonder about her mother and feeling sad that she would never hear her voice again. She hadn’t been aware that while her thoughts wondered her eyes had drifted to the old stand and phone. Now as she focused in on what she was looking at she could hear her mind willing the damaged phone to ring and willing her mother to be the caller. Imagine her surprise when the disconnected vintage phone produced a brrring sound…

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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